SLS CP Heat-not-burn 650mAh 20W AIO HNB

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SLS –CP heat not burn device is a perfect HNB starter kit suitable for every smokers to quit smoking. It designed for heats tobacco instead of burning it and produces a tobacco based vapor that provides real tobacco taste and satisfaction while reducing the levels of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals generated on average by 90-95% compared to the traditional cigarette.

Unlike vape device which is using with e-juice, SLS CP device is extremely compatible with HEET and Marlboro to deliver purer and cleaner cigarette taste to satisfy smokers’ high demand for original cigarette experience. Our advanced internal heating system gets the tobacco heated more uniform, and coupled with the revolutionary temperature control system, what you will get from SLS CP is the stable performance in taste from your first puff to the last! 8-10 cigarettes battery life after fully charge allows your smoking continuously but not too long to assure your convenience and healthcare at the same time!

Choose this SLS-CP AIO heat not burn device. It is not only very easy to use in charging, operating and automatic cleaning, but also is with multiple safety protection, firmware update and portable design!

Tech Specs

  • Model: CP
  • Size of device: 19.2mm×18.0mm×103.8mm
  • Weight of Host: 35.8g
  • Maximum Power: 20W
  • Charging Voltage: 5V-0.6A
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh


  • SLS CP Set×1 
  • USB cable×1
  • Cleaner Brush×1   
  • Specification×1
  • Certification of Qualification×1
  • Warranty Card×1

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SLS CP Heat-not-burn 650mAh 20W AIO HNB