Vaporesso PodStick Review


Things to be considered for vapers when choose a Pod Mod

  • Convenient and portable design
  • Impressive clouds chasing
  • Easy to operate



PodStick is a new vaping design released by Vaporesso. It is a gorgeous vaping device work for both MTL/DTL, There are two coils of patented CCELL and Meshed are optional. Users can exchange the impressive lung hit and smooth MTL vaping freely. Like what this brand claimed “the best of both worlds.” And some marketing responds make me believe that it will be the trending vaping modes. Like as neither traditional pod systems, inserting a pod to a pen style mod is how PodStick generally made up.

Being constructed with OMNI BOARD MINI chipset gives the PodStick absolutely solid performance as the original Vaporesso products should have been. Same as Renova Zero and Aurora play, 3 power modes is adjustable, 1.3Ω CCELL (9w-12.5w) and 0.6Ω MESHED (17w-22w), makes PodStick user friendly for different vaping modes.




Coupled with pocket friendly size and made of Aluminum material customizes PodStick for lightweight yet sturdy quality. What attracts me the first is its pen style design as a pod kit, because I was the big fan of pen stick vaping, like Uwell Caliburn. Even if you are prefer the small size that can be full covered in your palm, I believe that you will also get over it, because its solid performance is there, and moreover, Vaporesso just always launching nice-looking device, and no exception on PodStick.

I like the six colors that PodStick comes from, Silver, Black, Blue, Gold, Phantom and splashed give you the majority popular but not stereotype impression. I like gold the most. Anyway, there is must be one suitable for you. Press to Fill system on the top with the slide cover design is the second thing I like the PodStick, easier and upgraded, just fell taken to the next level.

PodStick is powered by built-in 900mAh, which is much larger than most of competitive products in the market, which means it delivers more powerful and solid performance for you vaping, and I tried it, I would tell you that it is. The charging port is at the bottom of the device, and quick charging system just need 55min to get your PodStick fully charged.


This device constructs Vaporesso’s Omni board mini version chipset, it was called the most advanced chipset when you choose from Vaporesso chip list, because all intelligent ideals and thoughts are just input to such a tiny chipset by the most advanced technologies. And after I vaped with PodStick which is built in this micro chip, it is really makes me get more from its size.

I believe that no one would like to wait long time to vape when their devices are running in low battery, so it would be great help us if there is a device to allow us vape quickly and safe even in low battery. What a coincidence, PodStick just fix this problem. We can plug it into an outlet/ computer or any portable charger will keep us going. Don’t worry about the safety, it will quit charging automatically when you start to vape, it is a really humanized design.


What comes to new in PodStick that is five LED battery indicators features to show you the battery power, each of level means total of 20% battery capacity. How it corresponding shows? All five LED indicators light mean 100% and 80% battery capacity left. If 1 LED lights, then only 0% to 20% capacity, and so on as the same.

As we know, to get a suitable vaping power for yourself, despite the battery capacity, and also decided by the output wattage. As I mentioned in the beginning of essay, there are three power modes could be adjusted, that means most of you can find out your customized vaping power from PodStick, especially can try different vaping experience in one device, it would be friendly for vapers.

For me, a not experienced vaper, medium level can satisfy my power requirement. But if you are a brand new vaper, especially not a smoker before, the low level would be recommended for you. And there is no doubt that high level will be suitable for a strong smoker who want hotter and strong throat hit. How to realize your specific power mode? Just pressing the mode button for 3 times will allow you to cycle through three different levels of power, 


What I would like to emphasize the most for PodStick here is its two different replacement pods with their specific coil. When open the box, you will get a PodStick kit comes with pre-install 1.3Ω CCELL pod, and a 0.6Ω meshed pod for replacement. How to say, as a mouth-to-lung vaper, CCELL built-in just works the best for me, smoother draw and the top notch flavor gives me no reason to put it inside. And I also admit that Meshed coil also a nice choice, especially for a DL vaper, and more impressive vapor production will be stun to you. But I prefer the stealthy vaping, so the CCELL more suitable for me. Anyway, how to vape and how feels better is up to you, PodStick will have options there.



I believe that you have a general understanding about this sturdy Vaporesso PodStick. Switch MTL and DL vaping method freely is the most reason I recommend it for you, because it dose really suit for both new vapers and experienced smokers. It is really a great device as a pos kit.



  • MTL/DL is available
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Straightforward operation
  • Five levels of battery capacity indicators


  • Not small enough to neat for your palm
  • Press to Fill system not easy to fill
  • CCELL vapor is less than Meshed



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